When we go back to an era, IT wasn’t a happening field of study; coming back to today’s date, it is the trending career for numerous students.

Especially, Data Science is like hot pancakes.

Everyone from today’s generation, the Gen-Z, wants a career in this stream.

Before you start figuring out more on this topic and how to become a data scientist, dive deep into this write-up and grab all the knowledge you can.


What is Data Science? A Brief of It

Data science can be defined as the process of studying data by recording, storing, and analyzing it to figure out what tool, mechanism, or approach works best in a situation using science and technology.

In simpler words, it can be defined as the use of science and technology like artificial intelligence for studying data to come up with an effective solution to any problem.

This could be better understood with an example. Ravi is a student who walks to school every day and tries different routes to commute from his home to school.

One was less busy, one had shadier regions, one was underground, one had bright sunlight, one was longest, one was shortest, and so on.

One day, when he runs late for school, he takes a moment, thinks of the right route to pick, and chooses the shortest one to reach his school on time. This whole process of trying different routes and finalizing one, at last, is data science.

If this approach of Ravi excites you and you also want to become a data scientist, then before you jump to that conclusion, we would want you to know more about being a data scientist.


Who Is A Data Scientist? All You Need to Know!

Suppose Ravi, in the above example, decides to share this information about routes with his sibling and suggests his brother pick the shortest route; then, he is a data scientist because he collected information, analyzed it, and then interpreted it for his brother.

A data scientist is a person who delves into an ocean of data, understands the nooks and corners, and interprets them in the simplest manner for the client or customer to understand the data and thus take a calculated decision.

A routine day in the life of a data scientist includes talking to clients, understanding their requirements, gathering data from multiple sources, studying and analyzing that data, preparing reports using tools, and presenting that to the client so that they can understand the process and decide upon a tool which one finalized is deployed and maintained by the data scientist.

This surely is an exciting lifestyle, right? Are you also excited and want to pursue a career in data science and are wondering what would be the required data scientist qualifications? If your answer is yes, then check out the next section for further details.


Eligibility For Data Scientist

If you are a student with high hopes and big dreams of getting into data science, you should be prepared to complete your graduation first.

And an important point to consider here is that it can be any degree in mathematics, statistics and computer science, or information technology stream. This would give you an entry into the data science world.

If you want to grab the opportunity of a productive job, then you need domain knowledge and programming for that.

You can enroll in any online data science course or learn the basics of programming and hone your skills. The better you get at these areas, the more are your chances of cracking interviews and getting into a data science job.

If your aim is to reach a good level of job in data science, then you need to get your hands on relevant tools and machine learning. You need to learn domain-specific tools like excel, MatLab, and other data visualization.

Machine learning topics like regression, algorithms, clustering, and probability are a must.

These are the basic data scientist qualification that every student should keep in mind and consider. Now, let’s take a look at the skills that can pave a smooth path for students aspiring to be data scientists.


Skills Required To Become A Data Scientist

Now that the data scientist eligibility is clear, let’s understand the skills required for every student who dreams of getting into this stream and should start working upon

  • Statistics to study the data trends and analyze them
  • Mathematics to calculate definite and indefinite values
  • Programming to code and automate codes for ease
  • Data Visualization to represent researched data
  • Machine Learning to understand data behavioral patterns


What Does A Data Scientist Do – Roles and Responsibilities?

When talking about careers, and the job of data scientist, the thought for sure rises about what exactly this role includes and covers. If you’ve experienced the same query, then here’s a brief idea of the major roles and responsibilities of a data scientist:

  • Study the problems to be solved
  • Figure out data required for analysis
  • Collect the required data from multiple sources
  • Store the data safely to avoid any breach
  • Develop a model for data sharing among client and team
  • Analyze the data to understand what is more important
  • Segregate the data as per the requirement
  • Understand the data and do in-depth study
  • Extract the missing data to complete the process
  • Complete the data life cycle to balance data
  • Research and create algorithms in Machine Learning
  • Apply techniques and methods to solve the problem
  • Deploy the developed model and test its working
  • Stay connected with the model and keep updating it

These are the basic roles and responsibilities of a data scientist. This is all about what does a data scientist do, but the catch here is that all of these roles are not performed by the data scientist alone. Yes, data science is a vast field, and thus all the functions in it are assigned to people with a specific data science degree and requirements.


Careers In Data Science – Scope for Students

If you are looking forward to a career in data science work, then we have all the information you need to know about it. Here, we listed down the most possible career options and included a brief on them:

Data Scientist

Who is a data scientist is the first question that arises in a student’s mind when said about a career opportunity in this stream. Data scientist is an umbrella term for a person who takes care of the complete data-related processes. It includes everything from analyzing the data, identifying the problems, organizing the data, and then processing it.

Data Analyst

A data analyst is a person responsible for analyzing the data and identifying the key points from the customer’s requirements, and then presenting that data in a simple format to solve problems. This is one of the most sought career options for students who have strong skillsets and expect high pay jobs.

Data Engineer

This is one of the jobs with good data science salary packages. The main job role of a data engineer is to prepare the data for operational uses. It includes building pipelines, streamlining the process, gathering information, and storing similar data together to improve the usability of data.

Data Architect

Te person behind the data structure is a data architect. He is the person who develops policies, models, technologies, and strategies such that the data required for the company can be easily collected, organized, and accessed without giving out confidential information.

Data Storyteller

There is loads of information available on the internet, and even after researching and analyzing, the relevant data is too much for the audience. Thus, this data is arranged and organized in a manner that is presentable and easily understandable by the audience.

Machine Learning Scientist

As it is already known, machine learning is one of the basic requirements for a data scientist. And the people who work on the models that are based on data using machine learning are known as machine learning scientists. Their main role is to clean the data, understand it, and design models based on it.

Machine Learning Engineer

When machine learning algorithms are running, then it is obvious that Artificial intelligence is involved in the process. All the algorithms and models built, designed, and run using AI or machine learning are monitored by a machine learning engineer.

Database Administrator

Technically, Date Science is a method that uses data to solve problems in the most efficient way possible. This data is collected and saved in a database following a lengthy research process. The database administrator is the person in charge of the entire database environment and has complete control over the data.


Data Analyst Vs Data Scientist – What’s The Difference?

The data analyst and data scientist are two hot job roles that are most popular among students. These are often confused and thus, for clarity, let’s look into data analysts vs data scientists and understand their job roles better:

Data Analysts

Data Scientists

  • Identify informational needs
  • Clean and process the data
  • Acquire more data
  • Design professional data models
  • Clean and reorganize data
  • Development of data tools
  • Analyze patterns in data
  • Build data dashboards for analysis
  • Represent data
  • Automate data collection process

How To Become A Data Scientist? [Step-by-Step Guide]

If you’ve reached this section, then it is obvious that you want to pursue a career in this field, and if that is the case, then you might be wondering, “How to Become Data Scientist in India,” right? If that’s the case, then follow the steps mentioned below!

1. Join a Data Science Course

The very thing you need to do if you want to get into the data science stream is to check your eligibility for a data science course and enroll in it. Technically your stream doesn’t decide whether you could study data science or not, but it will be an added advantage if you have a field of study in statistics, mathematics, and programming. If there is any work experience in a relevant field, that works like a bonus. If you meet all these requirements, then you can enroll in any data science course.

2. Learn Key Programming Languages

If you look for who can learn data science, the first answer would always be the one who is good at programming languages like python, R, etc. Thus, it is important that you get hands-on with any language that is trending and helpful for data science to increase your chances of cracking interviews.

3. Work on Data Science Projects

When looking into steps to become a data scientist, this point has a highly advantageous move. Since data science is all the rage right now, it might not be easy to get a job right away. But you can improve your chances of getting into one by working on data science projects. This gives you a chance to work and gives you hands-on experience that will help you get the best job.

4. Create visuals and practice presenting them

If you are here looking for how to become a data scientist after 12th, then this step is for you. The main job role of a data scientist involves creating visuals, practicing them, and interpreting them. So, for a better tomorrow, start today and learn different ways and models to present data efficiently.

5. Build a Data Science Portfolio

One common and trending query of students these days is how to become a data scientist in India. This isn’t a shocking search result because not many people have in-depth knowledge about it, and this job role isn’t that easy to grab as well. In such scenarios, building a portfolio will surely help you a lot. It gives a platform for all your work and exhibits them in the best way possible.

6. Apply for Relevant Data Science Internships and Bootcamps

There is one important thing that cannot miss the list of how to become a data scientist step-by-step guide, and that is, applying to relevant internships. This is important because it enhances your resume, adds support to our portfolio, and provides you with subject knowledge. So, just opt for one soon.

7. Create a Data Scientist Profile in the Jobs Portal

Since you are looking for a job of data scientist, just create your profile on job portals and let people know the skills you have developed and knowledge you have, and how you can be an important asset to their company and solve problems.

8. How to Become a Data Scientist: Get a Job

Finally, it’s time you get that job. It is important to add job experience and learn practical knowledge, try hands-on models, understand algorithms better in working conditions, and bridge the jap between an aspirant and a professional data scientist.

These are the simple steps that a student should follow for a successful career as a data scientist. Since we are clear about how to become a data scientist, let’s have a look at the salary of a data scientist.


Data Scientist Salary

How much a data scientist earns is completely dependent on the experience he holds, the knowledge he has, and other such factors. But if we look into the average pay packages, then they can be divided into three main categories based on the experience criteria, and those are

  • Entry-Level Data Scientist: 4.5LPA -11LPA
  • Mid-Level Data Scientist 12LPA -19LPA
  • Experienced Data Scientist 20LPA – 2CPA

A data scientist’s salary is difficult to pin down precisely because of the variety of variables involved, such as the industry, years of experience, country, and so on.


Best Data Science Course Details

If you are an Indian student who is looking for the best data science course to kick-start a career, then listed below are a few interesting options you can choose from

  • PG Diploma in Data Science & Machine Learning
  • PG Diploma /Specialization in Business Analytics
  • Graduation in Engineering or Mathematics & Statistics
  • Certificate Program in Python & R

These are the basic data science courses that a student should take up for getting eligible to start a career as a data scientist. Since we have all the required information on this topic, let’s take a glance at the pros and cons of becoming a data scientist in today’s date.


Pros & Cons of Becoming a Data Scientist

Pros Cons
Data science is the most trending job in today’s time. So, it gives you a scope of the best job opportunities It is as fast-developing as it’s trending. So, staying up-to-date is a basic requirement, and anyone not ready to keep upskilling is not a right fit for this.
It is one of the most versatile areas which provides you with enough freedom to get into any sector that justifies your job role. Though its versatile, the scope of learning for different sectors is limited. It is more like a jack of all and master of none. So, switching sectors can be a bit tough after settling in one.
This is one of the most engaging job roles that have something new and challenging to look forward to every day, which thus doesn’t let you get bored at all. The challenging part of this job is the collection of data. It seems interesting to work with, but it is a serious issue of concern as well due to the privacy risks it entails.


Summarizing the content, we can come to a derivation that data science is the hot and happening career option for students in today’s date.

Anyone who wants an interesting job filled with vibrant challenges and versatility along with a good package can opt for this. But to get into this, one needs a good hold on any programming language and the basic skillset of data science.

So, the right course, dedication, and practice can take people to places, and that is proved in this case.



Is Data Science A Good Career?

Yes, of course, data science is a very good career as it has plenty of opportunities to grab and challenges to learn from while evolving in this field.


Is Data Science Still In Demand?

As more and more companies are drifting toward effective decision-making, thus, data science is an in-demand skill that is sky-rocketing without a doubt.


Is Data Science The Future?

By looking into the current scenario, it is predictable that by the next 5 years, data science will be taking over everything and have millions of vacancies.


Is Data Science A Boring Job?

Not at all; data science includes multiple processes like talking o clients to know their requirements, collecting data, researching, segregating, and then presenting it. All this includes many steps that are more interesting but can be tedious at times.


Is Data Scientist A Stressful Job?

Yes, it cannot be denied that this is indeed a stressful job as it has loads to be dealt with, studied, analyzed, and understand. So, it can be time taking, thus tiring physically, involving tedious study, so mentally tiring and result-oriented, so, overall a bit stressful.


Which Degree Is Best For Data Science?

Data science is a complex subject that needs a student to have good knowledge of programming, algorithms, and machine learning along with some basic knowledge of mathematics, statistics, etc. Thus, computer science would be the best degree for a student who wants to get into data science.


How Long Does It Take To Become A Data Scientist?

If you’re pursuing your graduation in this, then it would take you around 3 to 4 years to become a data scientist. But if you’re looking to pursue a post-graduation degree in this, then it would take you around 5 to 6 years to complete the course and become a data scientist.


How Can A Beginner Become A Data Scientist?

Taking up the right course, practicing, keeping oneself updated with what’s happening in the data science world, and learning to handle data are some basic things that can help a beginner become a professional data scientist.


How Many Hours Do Data Scientists Work?

The data scientist’s work is a bit tedious, so although most of the scientists work only for full working hours, a few words for a longer time. The extra time put into the job can be because of various reasons like deadlines, perfection, willingness to complete the task before leaving, and so on.


Do Data Scientists Code?

Yes, of course. Though they might not be doing it every day, often they code, and this is the major difference between a software engineer who codes all day long and a data scientist who works with data but codes as well, only to make that data usage more efficient.


Business Analyst Vs Data Scientist?

One fundamental difference between them is. A business analyst plans and prepares reports for business operations, while the data scientist is more inclined toward data and works on developing complex algorithms and preparing reports based on that data.


How Much Does A Data Scientist Earn?

The average salary of a data scientist in India ranges somewhere between 4-25LPA. The exact slab of the salary of a data scientist depends on the experience and exact role of that particular person.


Who Earns More Ca Or Data Scientist?

Obviously, a data scientist. If we take a rough data of a period of 5 years, then the data scientist would be earning around 75 lakhs in India, while on the other hand, a CA at the same time and with the same experience would be earning around 15 lakhs only.


Who Earns More Data Scientist Or Software Engineer?

An experienced data scientist would earn around 75 lakhs, while a software engineer with the same experience would earn around 4-5 lakhs only. So, obviously, among these two, the data scientist would be earning more.


Who Earns More Data Scientist Or Data Analyst?

If we compare the salaries of a data scientist and a data analyst, the scientist would be earning more for obvious reasons. The salary of the data analyst completely depends on the stream in which he is an analyst.


Can A Data Scientist Earn In Crores?

Yes absolutely. With experience and knowledge, a data scientist can earn crores not immediately but once he gets into the swing of the job and works in a reputable company.


Data Scientist Salary In India For Freshers

If we look into the scenario of India, then freshers in data science would earn something between 4-5 Lakhs as an average package.


Which Country Pays Highest Salary For Data Scientist?

The United States stands in the first position among the countries that pay the highest salary for a data scientist. It ranges between $140,000 and $165,000. This is followed by countries like Switzerland, the UK, Australia, and Israel.


How Is Life Of a Data Scientist?

The routine life of a data scientist revolves around gathering data, analyzing it, understanding it, and interpreting the same so that it is easily understandable to the audience. Conversations with clients, meetings, deployment of models, implementation of tools, etc., are also part of a daily routine in a data scientist’s day.


Do Data Scientists Work From Home?

Data scientists can also work from home, and the percentage of people choosing this has increased over time due to the pandemic and also the type of work they need to do, which mostly involves researching that can be done even from home.


What Comes After Data Scientist?

The next career option that comes after data scientist is a senior data scientist. There are multiple job roles like data analyst, data developer, and data scientist, after which comes the role of a senior data scientist.


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